Tough book getting noticed!


Getting the attention of the discovery channel ca. We are setting up a date for them to come out here and shoot some footage of the tough book.

Here is our facebook page if you want to follow us too


Our kickstarter campaign

We are currently working on  a website! The best feature about the website is it will allow the user to pick from a wide ranged of color options to design a tough book that fits them! Our goal is to have the website work as such…

*customer enters website 

*clicks on the tough book 

*A color pop up guide displays and allows the user to pick any color from the list 


We are currently in early development in our campaign. We already have a fully functional prototype!

*fire resistant, can withstand temperatures at 400 degrees.

*100% water proof. The tough book has the ability for the user to write underwater.

*mud and oil resistant. Gunky sticky stuff wipes right off our paper.

More to come!

Tough book

I want to take a moment to say thank you for looking at our dream. We have successfully made a durable note book that is designed to be used in the harshest conditions. Our Tough Book is water resistant, oil resistant and mud resistant. New age paper our team has discovered makes it possible to use the Tough Book in nearly any environment. Regardless if you are a mechanic, work on an oil rig or play in the mud all day, our Tough Book is ready to stand the test of time. Our new age style of paper will allow liquids,dirt and other gunky stuff to wipe right off without destroying important paper work. The first line of defense for the Tough Book is the light weight but durable front and back cover. The front and back cover are resistant to heat,water,oil and mud. If anything should spill the front and back cover will act as a first line of defense. If anything should slip past the cover the new age paper is designed to withstand harsh punishment and will not rip or stain the paper. Our paper is made of a paper like plastic resin that looks and writes just like normal paper. The only difference is that our paper will not rip,stain and crumble like the normal notebooks. 


*Tough Book features*

* High-resolution, high-color-saturation printing

* Better ink efficiency (only 70-80% amount of ink needed compared to traditional paper)

* Suitable for offset, rotary, relief, letterpress and screen printing techniques

* Water-resistant, suitable for indoor as well as outdoor uses. Can withstand muds and oils.

* Fire-retardant, burns more slowly & produces less fumes

* More durable, tear- & insect-resistant similar to plastic-based solution

* 6″ x 9″ double metal side coil 74 rueld sheets.

*12.2 oz  item weight 




Color index for tough book covers